The Kennels

Our facility offers a 24-hour air exchange system and is climate-controlled to provide comfort during the winter and summer months, including air conditioning during those hot summer days. Music is played throughout the kennel 24 hours a day and night lights are also provided for our guests.

Small Dog Room (SDR)
Our Small Dog Room suites can accommodate up to three small dogs from the same family quite comfortably. This room offers 14 suites in an area away from our bigger guests.

Main Kennel (MK)
Our Main Kennel area features large windows offering natural light throughout the day. The floor is heated providing extra comfort during the day and night. This area has single suites as well as multi-family suites.

Lower Level (LL)
Our Lower Level has been designed to accommodate the largest of breeds, such as Wolfhounds, Mastiffs, Newfoundlands etc. The Lower Level also has multi-family suites.

Outside Runs
All of our canine guests will enjoy the outdoors several times per day in their individual outdoor run.

K-9 Zone
This 4000 Square foot structure has been built with your pet's comfort in mind. Two large play areas provide protection from the elements as your pet(s) can run and play with individual attention from our Clovelly staff. During milder weather, out K-9 Zone roof opens at the flip of a switch.

For our feline guests we offer the choice of two rooms:

Bird and Butterfly Room:
This room offers a floor to ceiling window overlooking our "zone" area.
Each suite can accommodate up to 2 cats from the same family and each
is provided with a scratching post.

Aqua Room:
This room also offers the same amenities but includes 3 family units that can accommodate up to 4 cats sharing from the same family. During milder temperatures our feline guests can enjoy our outdoor sunrooms overlooking the koi pond and garden. Ear and tummy tickles, clean bedding and fresh litter are provided daily. All of our feline guests will have the opportunity to stretch their legs and enjoy our "kitty toy box" at various times throughout the day at no additional charge.

Clovelly Kennels

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