Extras Daily T.L.C- No Charge

One on one attention while walking your dog on our trails.
1 dog: $4.00
2 dogs (Same Family walked together): $7.00/ Separately $8.00

*Pets on walks must be leash friendly or activity will be switched to playtime and charged accordingly!

*Please note that NO activities are scheduled for Christmas Day or New Year’s Day**

*Inclement weather will suspend walks*

In our enclosed “Playdome” or “K-9 zone” your pet can run and play with one-on-one attention, or participate in our group supervised Pod Play.

Our Pod Play is offered in a controlled supervised environment, in which we create group pods based on size, personality, play type preference etc. If your dog does not enjoy Pod Play we will happily change their activity to a one-on-one playtime.

Pod Play requires the completion of liability papers for your pet’s protection.

1 dog: $6.00
2 dogs (Same Family): $9.00
3 dogs (Same Family): $12.00

with Cheese Whiz or Peanut butter $3.00

K-9 Brush
To maintain condition of coat upon admission: $4.00 per brush

Kitty Brush
To maintain condition of coat upon admission: $3.00 per brush

Nail Clipping- $14 a dog (temperament depending)

Kitty Cuddles:
One-on-one cuddle time: $5.00
(10 min. session)
(Two cats sharing): $7.00

**All dogs on a daily activity for 7 days or more will qualify for a complimentary bath (shampoo, condition & blow dry) before their departure**

**Clovelly also offers a variety of different grooming, from head to paw at our Grooming Spaw. By appointment you can book your dog for anything from a nail trim to a full retreat**

**No pets will be socialized without owner’s consent**

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