Grooming Spaw

At Clovelly we offer a variety of different grooming options from head to paw at our grooming Spaw. By appointment you can reserve your dog anything from a nail trim to a full days retreat.

Whether it is at the end of a boarding stay or just a short visit, we are dedicated to making your pet look their best. It's just the thing they've been drooling for.

Please call or email for a quote, a firm price can only be given after our groomer evaluates your request and your petís condition.

Standard Bath: bath, blow dry and brush

Bath & general groom: bath, hand dry, tidy up feet/face, nail trim, and ear clean

Bath & clip/strip: bath, hand dry, brush, clip/strip hair, nail trim and ear clean **clip of your choice**

We also offer a defurm, which removes your dogís undercoat and will help to prevent excessive shedding.

Anal glands, for dogs under 30lbs can be expressed upon request

*Standard bathing may not be possible on dogs with matted coats. A full groom may be necessary to reclaim their outer beauty.

Boarding guests receive 10% discount on grooming.

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